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Hi! Over the past few years Geof has been traversing the many conventions and markets of merrie england, selling his fetishman comic series as well as an ever-expanding range of stuff, so if you're in need of humorous nonsense with a leaning towards the victorian or the fetish-y or the goth-y or the science-y or even the tea-y(?), then this may be the place for you. If you have any questions feel free to pop us an email.


We're FINALLY recovering from the madness of the kickstarter launch, funding, over-funding, over-over-funding, and all the crazy love and support all of you gave to Fetishman.
Thank you so much - The Filthology is totally happening, it'll be up here for pre-order soon. More updates to follow!


We're coming to the end of The Fetishman Filthology Kickstarter - Currently at nearly double our initial goal!
The support and love we've recieved over this month has been staggering, both online, and in-person, at Whitby Goth and London Comic-Con.

Wanted to post here that there is a New Fetishman issue out, but mostly just want to say Thank You. Thank you all so much from the bottom of our warm, sticky and filth-encrusted hearts.



It's LIVE! At LAST! Get Fetishman Issues 1-10, tightly and consensually bound into a single volume!


It's First Tea Company Appreciation Month! February is upon us, and why not celebrate all the love in the air, by celebrating the loveliness of the FTC.

As some of you may have already noticed, there is a secret code hidden inside the Warrant ID card of all First Tea Company members. To receive 10% off any purchases over £5 on the Doctor Geof online shop, simply open the ID card to it's 7th page, turn it upside down, and back-to-front, peer under the words "your portrait here", zoom, enhance, zoom, enhance, add a dash of lemon and defocus your eyes you MAY see the words "FTC14".

Which if typed in at the checkout will give you said discount. (Shhhh! Don't tell any non-members!) ((Except those who like tea!)) (((Or ask nicely!))) -H.



Back from MCM October! Had a lovely time - great seeing everyone again, and meeting lovely new people

Gorgous new patches will be arriving slightly late - but there'll be here and hopefully at Whitby Goth, real real soon!

For updates and the upcoming Christmassy discount codes, check out the mailing list [here].




But it's not just the terrifying madness that can only be killed with Chamomile, look at all the new things!
Polished Pewter Pins, Terrific Treasure Tins and Patches that are Perfectly... Purchasable?
...we'll workshop that.

Not only are there shiny (well, texture-y?) new patches - but restocks to some of our favourites:
New: Gaming/Stats Patches: CakeCheeseJamTeaBrains
Restocked: Rocket BeeArmy KittenSHH! NinjaArmy Badger

And the Bee Patch has newer, better colours (they didn't exist before - they've been made in a mad lab).

Browse at your leisure in the New Products area



Hello! Yeah, a year later and we're still mad behind with like everything. Needless to say we made a whole heap more stuff (possibly to the point where we’re challenging the ability for the online shop to be in any way navigable, but hey) including such delights as the third steampunk literary review, as well as fetishman #17, and the IKB poster.

Anyway, last post for xmas 2013 in the UK is tomorrow so if you need owt from the shop you've got, oooh, about ten hours to get any orders in, but other than that have a lovely yule and we'll see thee all back in 2014!


Gah! Blergh! Hi! We've been soooo busy doing stuff! There's new badges, there's new mugs, there's the new Steampunk Literary Review (henceforth to be known as "the award-winning Steampunk Literary Review" woohoo!), and thanks to the mighty efforts of Cathy they're even available in the online shop! And what am I up to at the moment? Well the next fetishman comic of course, the sequel to fetishman #15! I swear I may sleep at some point. x


Sooooooooooo, yes, the new patches are taking a bit more tweaking than I expected (I doubt there even exists a reasonable balance between "taking the stall and the museum to events" and "drawing and making new stuff") but all is mightily afoot. In the short term we're deliberately letting the stocks of existing stuffs run low, but in the interests of fairness we'll be absorbing the Royal Mail's recent price hike. Added to which I have finally updated the shop to permit the sale of this summer's addition to the ongoing fetishman saga, the awesome and lovely and viking-ful "fetishman #15, the vikings issue". So yes! Cheap postage for a few weeks more and mighty fetish-y vikingen-ing-ening! Hurrah! Surely these are the best of times.


Good morning and a belated joyous new year! A couple of months of tweaking the online shop and it's starting to work a little more smoothly, plan BEIGE HATSTAND should be kicking in soon (there is no plan BEIGE HATSTAND, but there should be) but yeah, is starting to sort itself out. That said, we do appear to have run out of the original First Tea Company embroidered badge! Such shocking nonsense will be fixed in a couple of weeks but for now I shall try and drink enough tea to recover from the shock of it.


Mwahahaha! Mug re-stock has arrived just in time for xmas! So if you were one of the people hankering after the renowned "Your country needs you to drink more tea!" mugs then we have a pile back in stock, and just in time for last UK xmas post-ening!


Had to take a few products off, notably mugs, because stock was getting a little low. Fingers crossed should have a delivery in early next week, Hurrah!


This "new" version of the webshop has taken a few months longer than was expected, but it's finally done. At the moment it's a little beta-y, hoping to get the badges on it later this week, so if you have any trouble please please please pop us an email to aaaahnoooo@islandofdoctorgeof.co.uk and I’ll set the gimp-elves on it.

Xmas last-posting times 2011

To give us a day's turn over the last posting dates for us will be:

  • Tue 13th December - Standard Parcels
  • Fri 16th December - Second Class and Recorded Signed For
  • Mon 18th December - First Class and Recorded Signed For
  • Tue 20th December - Parcelforce express48
  • Wed 21st December - Special Delivery
  • Sun 4th December - South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand
  • Thu 8th December - Eastern Europe, USA and Canada
  • Sun 11th December - Western Europe

NB/ if you do need it right at the last minute it'll probably be cool but if you could send as a quick "aaaah! need!" reminder email it'd be right appreciated like. Ta!


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